(23) Monique and Chester Tait
Tue, 31 December 2013 01:48:47 +0000

Hi cousin Alison this is a beautiful website and such a wonderful love story. I am so happy to see that God has brought you two together. May you have a wonderful and fruitful life. God bless. Love Monique and Chester Tait and family.

(22) Emily and Mike
Sun, 29 December 2013 23:49:03 +0000

Almost there! Cannot wait to celebrate you! xoxo

(21) Nezzy wentland
Thu, 26 December 2013 21:48:41 +0000

Alison I am so happy for you and Jay may GOD Bless you.chuns God has big plans for you and Jay we have an awesome God who never leaves us or forsakes us .you are Blest. love you so much.

(20) James & Monica Burnette
Thu, 19 December 2013 14:54:51 +0000

Congratulations to the beautiful couple! We're so sorry we cannot make but we wish you all the best.

(19) joy johnson
Wed, 11 December 2013 23:41:22 +0000

Congrats Jay to you & your new bride. God bless you! You were such a blessing to me when I came to BGM I know you will be am awesome husband to Alison!! Praying for a fruitful marriage!

(18) Rosita Martinez
Wed, 11 December 2013 18:59:13 +0000

Alison,My Beautiful Chuni,tears of joy run down my face as I type.I'm joyful because in the wisdom that God gave you, you chose Jay;not only a good man,but a wise,Godly man.In the same way,Jay chose you,the noble woman of Proverbs 31.This is proof that our God is the Promise Keeper. He answers prayers at the right time.I'm blessed to be your Mom & blessed that through you,God has given me another son. I love you both & may God's love reign in your hearts forever.

(17) Angela Sandoval
Sat, 7 December 2013 02:33:39 +0000

3. You are truly lucky to have found each other. Congratulations! I wish you much happiness....

(16) Michele
Wed, 4 December 2013 15:03:35 +0000

Alison and Jay,

Your story and your love remind me that our God is an awesome God. He gives us the desires of our heart if we have faith and patience in Him. May God bless and keep you two forever and ever. Amen.


(15) Laura Shubilla
Mon, 2 December 2013 01:44:33 +0000

I just read your whole website. It is so beautiful. I am so happy for both of you and can't wait for New Year's Eve!

(14) Ann & Chroy
Sat, 30 November 2013 05:37:44 +0000

We are so happy for you guys. We can't wait for your big day. The website is so awesome!


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